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August 17, 2017 |  Council adopts STV voting system

BOP Times


August 10, 2017 |  Tsunami air-raid sirens

BOP Times


August 8, 2017 |  Older renter crisis

BOP Times


August 16, 2017 |  Building scaled down by two storeys

BOP Times


August 5, 2017 |  Boutique cinema for new centre

BOP Times


August 4, 2017 |  Council's pensioner flats

BOP Times


August 3, 2017 |  Neighbours win bulky-building rethink

BOP Times


3 August 2017 |  Beachfront section sale

BOP Times


August 2, 2017 |  Council chooses new library over renovation

BOP Times


August 2, 2017 |  Slower rise in Western Bay house prices

BOP Times


July 25, 2017 |  Tower block for young & old

Bop Times


July 26, 2017 |  Pipeline polluting Harbour

BOP Times


July 12, 2017 |  Housing Infrastructure Fund Announcement

Bay of Plenty TIMES

Bid to fast-track 35,000 homes

July 11, 2017 |  Tauranga to receive $230m for housing

Bay pf Plenty Times

Tauranga will receive $230 million to help the city cope with increased housing pressures.


Sunday May, 28, 2017 |  Iwi wants international airport at Paengaroa

The New Zealand Herald

A local iwi leader says foreign investors could potentially fund a $1 billion international airport at Paengaroa .

May 29, 2015 |  Tauranga - A Business Showcase

The National Business Review

The city’s position in the ‘Golden Triangle’ augurs favourably for further growth. Businesses are noticing the attractiveness of being based in regional cities. Tauranga exemplifies a dynamic trend throughout regional New Zealand.

11 November, 2014 |  Funds for Merger Research

Bay of Plenty Times

Tauranga City Council has agreed to contribute nearly $150,000 to a research project with the potential to reshape the local government in the Bay of Plenty. This is with the view to spearhead an application to have a single council covering the whole of the Western Bay. The application proposes a "simple amalgamation" in which the Western Bay District Council is bolted on t the Tauranga City Council. Read the Council Paper on the joint Council Investigation into a BoP Council Merger.

March 2012 |  Lower Kaituna - Growth Strategy


Growth strategy presentation on Lower Kaituna region.

January 2012 |  Ten Year Plan - 2012 to 2022

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

This draft Ten Year Plan 2012 – 2022 outlines the work we propose to do during the next 10 years – in detail for the first three years and in outline for
the subsequent seven years.

2010 to current |  Tauranga Eastern Link - Videos

NZ Transport Agency

Kaituna River bridge time lapse photography, Tauranga Eastern Link project DVD and various project animations....

Progress Report 2009 to 2010 |  Kaituna River and Ōngātoro/Maketū Estuary Strategy

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

This report is an update on the progress made towards putting the Strategy into action as at 30 June 2010. It covers what the area could look like in the future, what progress has been made to each of the four outcomes in the Strategy, and the next steps for progressing the Strategy.

May 2008 |  Kaituna River to Maketu Estuary rediversion

Recommended Options

The objective of this report is to investigate and propose a preferred option for the diversion of Kaituna River flow into the Maketu Estuary based on the following criteria: Volume of inflow, Effects on local drainage and flooding, Cost and Flexibility (i.e. the ability to adapt the management of inflows, including the possibility of diverting further inflow to the estuary in the future).

May 2007 |  SmartGrowth Strategy - Western Bay of Plenty

The context for the Strategy is a sub-region facing long-term growth pressure. At the same time, many sectors of the community are demanding greater consideration of quality of life issues and protection of the core values that make the sub-region such a desirable place to live.

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