Lower Kaituna Region

Tauranga - A Business Showcase

The city’s position in the ‘Golden Triangle’ augurs favourably for further growth. Businesses are noticing the attractiveness of being based in regional cities. Tauranga exemplifies a dynamic trend throughout regional New Zealand.
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Funds for Merger Research

Tauranga City Council has agreed to contribute nearly $150,000 to a research project with the potential to reshape the local government in the Bay of Plenty. This is with the view to spearhead an application to have a single council covering the whole of the Western Bay. The application proposes a "simple amalgamation" in which the Western Bay District Council is bolted on t the Tauranga City Council. Read the Council Paper on the joint Council Investigation into a BoP Council Merger.
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Ten Year Plan - 2012 to 2022

This draft Ten Year Plan 2012 – 2022 outlines the work we propose to do during the next 10 years – in detail for the first three years and in outline for
the subsequent seven years.
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Kaituna River to Maketu Estuary rediversion

The objective of this report is to investigate and propose a preferred option for the diversion of Kaituna River flow into the Maketu Estuary based on the following criteria: Volume of inflow, Effects on local drainage and flooding, Cost and Flexibility (i.e. the ability to adapt the management of inflows, including the possibility of diverting further inflow to the estuary in the future).
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SmartGrowth Strategy - Western Bay of Plenty

The context for the Strategy is a sub-region facing long-term growth pressure. At the same time, many sectors of the community are demanding greater consideration of quality of life issues and protection of the core values that make the sub-region such a desirable place to live.
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